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About ACS


Air Conveyance Systems was established in 1999. Since then we have 100 working applications recovering and diverting millions of pounds of material from local landfill and saving companies money. We have a full sized production facility that we can run your sample material and show you the results.

At Air Conveyance Systems we design and manufacture highly efficient, reliable methods for separating material of varying bulk density. Our Air Wash separates light-weight contaminants from heavier material or heavy-weight contaminants from lighter material. From Plastic pellet de-dusting to Plastic, Rubber & Carpet Recycling, we have it covered.

When it comes to Scrap Recovery and Pneumatic Conveying, we have the experience, know-how and equipment to get the job done and save you money.


At Air Conveyance Systems, we design, fabricate and install material separation and bi product recovery systems. Our patented Air Wash is the heart of our separation system. We are the leaders in plastic recycling systems specializing in converting carpet, tire, computer and automotive waste into re-useable products. Equipped with a full sized production testing lab we can demonstrate our separation technology eliminating any process surprises.

Air Conveyance Systems have assisted our customers in diverting their waste streams from landfill to marketable products that can be re-used internally or out sourced to other companies. We have diverted millions of pounds of waste from local landfills, making our customers environmentally sound with increased profits.