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Multiair 2000

The high efficiency centrifugal blower unit is housed in a standard modular acoustic cabinet providing excellent noise insulation properties and also full weather protection for most outdoor installations.

The air inlets for motor cooling and blower intake are specifically designed to minimize the high frequency (whistling) noise normally associated with these areas.

The cooling fan on the motor pulls the cooling air via a dedicated air intake directly from the outside of the acoustic housing. This cooling air is exhausted from the underside of the acoustic housing.

Access for maintenance purposes is achieved by the removal of the side panel/panels, each panel is fixed with two screws.

The blower drive is provided by a flexible poly v-belt transmission reducing vibrations and hence noise emissions.

Technical Data

The Multiair is available as a pressure blower (T version) and as a suction blower (S version).

The Multiair 2000 series is standard mounted with:

  • Pressure gauge
  • Ammeter
  • Hour run counter
  • Motor starter (Star/Delta)

The filter option is available for Multiair T versions only.

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