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Rotary Valves

Our Rotary Valves, type RV and RF, are suitable for feeding of granulates, (granules, pellets, flakes, small moulded products etc.) either into a pressurized pneumatic conveying line or as a metering device.

The valves’ design ensures minimal pressure losses when introducing products into a pressurized conveying line.

Our Rotary Valves contain a slow rotating, enclosed, six chambered rotor. Each of the chambers’ divisions is fitted with a wear-resistant polyurethane blade, which forms an air-tight seal with the precision-made valve housing, preventing any material from jamming the rotor.

RV and RF Rotary valves are suitable for many differing applications involving the controlled delivery of material to a conveying system or to a production process.

Typical Applications

  • Metered feed
  • Negative pressure, (vacuum), conveying system
  • Dosing
  • Positive pressure conveying system
  • Suction/blowing system (utilizing positive and negative pressure conveying)

Two Types

To meet the demands of industry two versions of the Rotary valve – the RV and the RF.

The RV version is specifically designed to handle granular materials with minimum air losses through the valve.

The design of the RF version allows it to handle flake material, such as some types of plastic regrind. The RV rotor is suited to handling granular material. Polyurethane chamber blades form an air-tight seal with the rotor housing, reducing air leakage to a minimum.

The RF rotor is able to handle flake materials. Flexible polyurethane blades are fitted to either side of the stubs of the chamber division walls, to prevent any flakes from jamming the rotor during operation.

Technical Data

As standard, the RV/RF 20 is available with any one of four geared motors. The gearing selected should match the application to ensure optimum operation.

Standard versions of the RV/RF 40 provide a choice of three rotor speeds.

A variable speed range for both 20 and 40 versions can be obtained by use of an electrical speed controller (inverter).

As standard, all rotary valves are fitted with “sealed for life” bearings.


The degree to which each chamber of the rotary valve will be filled will depend upon material density. As a guideline a chamber will be 85% filled if the material is a free-flowing granulate with a bulk density of 37 lbs/ft3. Filling efficiency increases as rpm decrease.

Valve capacity is reduced when handing light, less free-flowing materials. For such applications Kongskilde recommends a maximum rotor speed of 50 rpm.

Leakage Curves

Our Rotary Valves are carefully designed to minimize air leakage, but this can never be avoided completely, due to the pressure differential across the valve. On the outlet side compressed air will flow into the valve chambers, and escape on the inlet side.

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