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Pneumatic Conveying

Air Conveyance Systems has excellent expertise in the handling of process waste

Our “modular” solutions allow for both the conveying and the separating of process waste. Correctly assembled and installed, our standard modular systems help companies recover and reuse their production scrap and end of life materials. Automotive, rubber, plastic, carpet, pipe and hose manufactures as well as recyclers use our systems.

Clean factory environments and the efficient handling of process waste are factors of paramount importance in today’s manufacturing industries. Companies invest heavily in, state of the art, processing equipment, in order to maintain a competitive edge, but often overlook the need to efficiently handle the process waste generated by such equipment.

The key benefits of our system are:

  • A cleaner work area
  • Better quality regrind
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Higher profits
  • Recycling benefits

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