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Trim & Scrap Handling

Our Inline Venturi systems in conjunction with the Multiair blower unit is efficient for conveying of various materials such as continuous edge trim, process waste handling, guillotine off cuts, roll ends, finished plastic products i.e. blowmoulded bottles, injection moulded products and blow/injection mould waste (Top, tails and sprues). In addition the system can be utilised for explosive fume/vapour ventilation by removing the air return unit and replacing the air return with a large diameter duct. These venturi systems are a tried and tested way of conveying endless trim in many applications.

The key benefits of our system are:

  • A cleaner work area
  • Better quality regrind
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Higher profits
  • Recycling benefits

System Options

  • FVO Inline Venturi

  • ITF Inline Venturi System

  • RVS Multi Separator System

  • Rotary Valve Conveyor

  • Injector Valve Conveyor System

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